Purpose : The purpose of this joint seminar by Cao and McAnany is to provide a platform for intellectual interaction teaching, or research activity report among laboratories who have shared interest. The topics will vary, depending on the presenter's personal interest.

Date Presenter Title
10/5/2012 Pablo Barrionuevo, PhD Computational Modeling of Brightness Perception
10/19/2012 Jason McAnany, PhD Assessment of Visual Function in Normally-Sighted Individuals and Patients with Retinal Diseases
11/02/2012 Xiaohua Zhuang, PhD Contrast Gain in the Inferred Magnocullaur and Parvocellular Pathways
11/16/2012 Para Kang, PhD Binocular Rivalry
11/30/2012 Laura Mahady, AMD, Visual Function, and Life Style
12/14/2012 Pablo Barrionuevo, PhD Pupil Responses to Rod and Cone Inputs
1/25/2013 Dingcai Cao, PhD Color Vision: A Computational Perspective
2/8/2013 Xiaohua Zhuang, PhD Color Filling-in
2/22/2013 Para Kang, PhD Flash-lag effect
3/8/2013 Jason Park, PhD Pupilometry and Clinical Protocol
3/22/2013 Nathaniel Nicandro Introduction to Fourier Analysis