• Pablo Barrionuevo was appointed as a researcher position in Institute of Research in Light, Environment and Vision, National University of Tucuman-National Scientic and Technical Research Council. (9/1/2015)
  • Praksha Butler has been selected as a recipient of a Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant for her research related to melanopsin contribution to color perception(10/2/2014)
  • Joseph Sukhbat Gansukh has been awarded the College of Liberal Arts and Sciens Undergraduate Research Initiative for supporting his research for the 2013-14 academic year. (4/2/2013)
  • Joseph Sukhbat Gansukh has been selected as a recipient of a Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant for his research related to color filling in project in the lab. (3/16/2013)
  • Laura Mahady has been selected as a recipient of a Honors College Undergraduate Research Grant for her research in the lab. (10/31/2012)
  • Dr. Pablo Alejandro Barrionuevo joined the lab as a post-doctoral scholar. Welcome! (9/17/2012)
  • Nathaniel Nicandro joined the lab as the technician. Welcome! (9/03/2012)
  • Dr. Xiaohua Zhuang had her first baby girl, Caroline. Congratulations! (8/18/2012)
  • Yolanda Lu, a medical school student from Kansas State and a former RA for Dr. Cao, was awarded a 2012 Fight for Sight Summer Student Fellowship. She will conduct a research in VPL for 6 six weeks during the summer. Congratulations. (6/15/2012).
  • Dr. Xiaohua Zhuang was awarded a 2012 ISPB (Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness) Research Grant. Congratulations. (6/15/2012).
  • Laura Mahady (major: Neuroscience 3rd year) will join the lab for completing her graduation thesis. (5/25/2012).
  • Dr. Cao's research is featured on UIC Ophthalmology online news . (5/21/2012).
  • Dr. Cao's research proposal, "Mesopic Visual Function Assessment And Risk Genotypes For Age-Related Macular", was recommended for funding ($15K) by the Midwest Eye-Banks Research Review Committee and approved by the Midwest Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, May 12, 2012. (5/16/2012).
  • Dr. Pablo Alejandro Barrionuevo, currently studying at Instituto de Investigación en Luz, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina, has been selected or the 2013 IBRO John G. Nicholls Research Fellowship for one year's post-doctoral training at Visual Perception Laboratory. Congratulations! (4/24/2012)
  • Dr. Para Kang, trained at Shevell Laboratory at University of Chicago, joined Visual Perception Laboratory as a Postdoctoral Scholar on March 1, 2012. Welcome! (3/1/2012).
  • Dr. Xiaohua Zhuang was married with Donglei Zhang during their trip back to China. Congratulations! (2/14/2012).
  • The collaborative work by Drs. Zaidi, Ennis, Cao and Lee to invesitgate neural lous of color afterimages has been accepted for publicaiton in Current Biology (1/19/2012).
  • Dr. Cao received $5K Matching Fund from the Cless Discovery in Vision Science Fund for his collaborative research with Dr. Andrea King at University of Chicago (1/18/2012).
  • Marta Khakhlova (major: Biological Science) and Faith Carlson (major: Biological Science) joined the lab as undergraduate research assistants (1/12/2012).
  • Dr. Cao was awarded $100K from the Foundation of Alcohol Study (ABMRF) to study the effects of alcohol on visual processing in at-risk social drinkers (12/15/2011).